Beginning with a thorough review of the proposed or existing community, New Urban Connections creates a customized marketing and sales strategy.

Plan, Budget, Execution

Our team documents the strategy with a comprehensive marketing and sales plan and budget. Then, the plan is executed and measured. New Urban Connections can manage this process as well as outline sales operations processes, and hire, train, and mentor sales staff.


Working with project team members and the creative team, New Urban Connections guides the marketing and sales processes and ensures that tactics are in keeping with the branding attributes of each neighborhood.


Not all developers have the experience or in-house resources to manage the critical area of marketing and selling their products, whether lots or residential real estate. New Urban Connections offers a variety of marketing and sales management services. Packages range from full service management of all aspects of your marketing and sales program to a la carte services for just the work you need.

New Urban Connections can serve as your contract vice president of sales and marketing to manage every facet of your project’s sales and marketing program. This full service program includes:

  • Fact-finding – to learn about and evaluate your new project
  • Comprehensive marketing and sales strategy – with detailed plan, goals, tactics, budget
  • Creative management – branding, identity packages, collateral, advertising, public relations, event, and website development
  • Product development – program and floor plan recommendations, reviews, and testing
  • Pricing strategies
  • Phasing strategies
  • Sales center development
  • Sales office operations – customized office policies and procedures, sales process development, and sales and marketing manuals
  • Sales staff development – hiring, training, and matrix management of staff
  • Builders guild integration programs
  • Model home merchandising management
  • Customer Relationship Management – contact management software implementation, training, and reporting procedures
  • Budget management

This program is perfect for developers who desire structure for their marketing and sales programs, but do not need on-going management services. New Urban Connections will conduct a fact-finding evaluation and then develop a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy, plan and budget that fit within your development objectives.


For the developer that has specific needs, individual services can be secured as desired. Services include:

  • Sales management and coaching
  • Sales center development
  • Office process implementation and Customer Relationship Management training
  • Sales process development
  • Sales manuals
  • Sales team hiring and training
  • Builders Guild integration
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Evaluations
  • Focus groups
  • Sales and marketing audits
  • Surveys
  • Marketing plans and budgets
  • Marketing management
  • Branding and identity package management
  • Collateral development
  • Media development
  • Event strategies
  • Public Relations strategies
  • Model home development
  • Staff sales training for Traditional Neighborhood Development Projects
  • Sales kick-off programs
  • Lead follow-up programs
  • TND sales team immersion program