“Simply put, I trust Monica V. Johnson and New Urban Connections to manage all aspects of real estate development sales and marketing operations for projects in which I am involved.

She is a valued team member. Her work is strategic, thoughtful, detailed, and organized. Her efforts have contributed greatly to our projects’ success for more than a decade. She gets the job done.”

— Steve J. Maun, Founder
LeylandAlliance LLC


Marketing and Sales

“I hired Monica V. Johnson and New Urban Connections when I needed help in adding structure for the sales and marketing operations for The Village at Hendrix. I had met her previously at a National Town Builders Association meeting where she was a presenter and was impressed with her knowledge.

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, Monica delivered a 10! The marketing plan, sales operations manual, and sales training she provided was one of the best investments I could have made for the Village at Hendrix.”

— Ward Davis, Managing Consultant
The Village at Hendrix


Team Work

“Monica’s cheerful attitude delivers a wealth of knowledge and experience in a manner that makes her a welcome part of any project team. Her broad experience and keen sense of observation enable her listen to others and distill the essence of what is needed and then deliver ideas and advice in an exceptional manner.

I enjoy watching Monica work. Her confidence enables her to propose many ideas to be critiqued and refined by others on the team. Her humility allows her to let others grab onto those ideas and run with them. Gentle nudging from her keeps them on track.

Unlike so many involved in sales, Monica has a refined eye when it comes to design and furthermore recognizes the valuable contribution good design makes to the sales effort—whether it is the design of the neighborhood, the building, the sales material or the community events, Monica knows how to add value where it counts.

I always learn something when I work with Monica and I have a great time doing it.”

— Michael Watkins
Town Architect, Town Planner



“We brought New Urban Connections, Monica V. Johnson, to The Village at Hendrix to leverage her extensive experience with Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) sales and marketing. Monica’s unique strength is that she intimately understands TND from concept to sale.

She has brought fresh eyes to our marketing and sales strategy and suggested refinements to both our process and product which has increased our absorption and value. Her insights helped hone our planning in a way that is both measurable and manageable. Successful place making is a team endeavor and New Urban Connections is a welcomed member to our roster of consultants.”

— Lawrence Finn, COO
The Village at Hendrix


Public Relations

“Monica V. Johnson is an amazing leader to work with. In the years that IWPR Group has worked with her, we are awed by her ability to define business goals clearly and communicate the relevant goals to each part of the sales and marketing team: the sales agents, the advertising agency, the Web site manager, the public relations agency.

Although she has the ability to do any part of all of the work she manages, she encourages each person on her team to contribute their expertise.

She has a vision for each project and understands the various audiences and how to communicate to them. Best of all, she is a leader who recognizes the value of each member of her team and uses their strengths and passions to reach her business goals.

Monica V. Johnson is passionate about the New Urbanism and building walkable neighborhoods with character. She also knows how to communicate that vision to various audiences – community partners, product manufacturers, real estate agents, potential buyers, media and more. The result? A neighborhood with a distinctive brand and ongoing sales, regardless of the outside real estate market.”

— Irina Woelfle and Linda Stephen
IWPR Group